Thursday, August 18, 2011

B is for Beaver

Meet a great bunch of folks! They are like family to me since I crashed about half of their family parties for a couple years when I ran wild and free. Since my Sis-in-law decided to marry my brother this family became me family....muhahaha. You will never get away. ever. Little Samantha Rainbow (a potential name the sisters wanted to name the youngest) decided not to smile after her aunt drove off in their van leaving her with a crazy lady. No amount of coaxing cracked this little soul...until the van came back. I resorted to gnawing bark off a nearby tree like a beaver and popping a rock or two into my mouth. She finally smiled for me. Hooray! Thanks for a memorable evening.

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Missa said...

You were so awesome! Thanks so much for working with a super awful Katrina. We love the pictures!