Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Smartie Pants


I enjoyed watching families growing with the years through my camera lens. I met Miss E and Mr H a couple years ago. Miss E sure grew up since we last met. She was not happy with the idea of taking pictures, unless a bribe of smarties was clutched in her hand. I think we did amazingly well considering her opinions. Andrea, it was a pleasure as always.

Baby Megan


Oh my! Miss Megan totally nailed the serious look for me. She smiled for cheerios! I cannot believe she is only 9 mths old and walking. My son is 16 mths old and barely learning how to stand up. We are in no hurry for him to walk. Made me smile to see this little one so independent and ready to face the world. Love the innocence in her eyes.

Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

My brother and sister-in-law have some pretty adorable kiddos. They performed well for pictures after *a little* bribery. Ha! Kids! I love how they treat their mom. Those tender moments are the ones to carry us moms through the harder moments.

Sweet Emmaline


Got to snuggle my newest niece a couple weeks ago. She is a cute little cuddle bug. Her big brother is pretty awesome too. We will miss seeing them since my brother decided to move to Ft Bragg, NC. Boo! Spent an entire day photographing the family at my leisure! That might be the best way to get awesome photos. Just move in for a day...just a thought.

Mike and Amanda

Congratulations to the most wonderful couple ever! They sure know how to throw a great party.