Thursday, September 9, 2010

Joy for Joy School

Awwww! My little cutie girl started preschool yesterday. She took along a lunch, her pack-pack, and Fork, the girl reindeer. So much fun!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Out to Pasture

These folks are our really amazing friends. They moved to Oregon on Tuesday for a new job. We will miss them sorely! The wind was acting up Monday afternoon during our session. We tried some photos inside the barn, which turned out great, but were a little hard to color correct. Greg (the husband) was sort of a stinker, he had a hard time smiling. Shoulda brought some smarties for him. He posed with his gear like a champ. The best part of our session was when I handed the baby a "rock", he took a bite out of it, yah, it was horse poop. He loved his sister's reaction. Fun times.

Handsome Brother...and Family

This handsome crowd of folks are related to me! I am so lucky! My brother and his family begged for photographs on our last night in Utah. We snatched the last moments of light in their backyard for an impromptu session. I love their back fence. Throw in the cutest nephews and niece, the adults, well, you know! Lia was not happy about the taking photos with her brothers. I love the last one where they are trying to make her smile or give comfort.