Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Funky Hats

My crochet hook is blazing hot lately. In the past two weeks I crocheted about 10 hats and a diaper cover. Most of the hat designs I made up and will be used as props once my little guy grows out of them. Ain't he just cute? LOL

Another Hair Cut

Took my little gal to Cookie Cutters in Utah. They gave her a shorter A-line that makes her just adorable. I love short hair on her. I wish she had thicker wavy hair I could style into complicated ponies and braids. Since we are not so blessed short hair and hats will grace her head. She recently started putting her hand on her hip with a saucy attitude. Watch out!

Peasant Dress

 I love to sew and crochet! This little number was quickly assembled before our trip to Utah. I love the fun spring colors and shapes. The hat is my newest design learned from a picture and youtube tutorials on the diamond stitch. My little one is cuter than the dress and hat combined. Course I am biased.

Two Little Piggies

Drool...I love this little girl! She is my stinkin' cute niece. Her hair in two piggies is cuter than pink paint!