Saturday, November 10, 2012

Golden Glow


I love the glow of sunset, add in three cute kids for a perfect evening. Little Miss sure loved her thumb. Made me smile when she cuddled her thumb. I don't think I've ever met smarter little boys either! They must have an amazing mom! Wink!

Our Happily Ever After


My favorite family! I cannot believe Miss A already turned TWO...yes TWO! She was the tinest newborn ever. I enjoy every session we have. Thanks for letting me capture all her cute milestones.



She is about the cutest little thang ever. She has opinions. She LOVES being in her mommy's arms. Forget glitter, forget cake. This girl is about perfect. I love all the captures of Princess E.


Yep. She is the queen of serious faces. Boy, does she make a cute serious face. I actually love the serious faces more than the smiling one. The face that is most natural at one's resting state. My kids love playing with Miss A once a week at Daisies and Dragons, a consignment shop in town. Miss A's mom owns the shop! We love our weekly visits. Thanks for coming to play at our home.