Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fancy-Dancy Prop

Had my little P-man try out this prop found last year at a garage sale. Love it! He is getting so chubby and cute. My husband actually allowed me to give him a faux hawk for this photo session. I am drooling over his cute onesie too, one of my newest designs!

The S Family

I met with this smashing family last week. They let me boss them around. A strange phantom kid named Adam kept popping up, ok it really was my malfunctioning brain that kept mixing up the boys names. I finally got their names down but the phantom kid, Adam, made us all laugh. I found some amazing light right at the end of our session, the images are my favorites!

The H Family


This family was super fun to work with. Mom brought a football and two hula hoops to capture the kids engaging in their favorite activities. The little lady sure could spin that hoop! Each child had a mile wide personality, which made our session really fun. I admire the parents for raising such amazing kids, not an easy feat now a days. I really appreciate my excellent friend for letting us invade, errr use, her property. 

PS: I can't get my text alignment on the left side, pretty bugged about that.