Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fellow Photographer


Stylish! Yep! This family has it all...including the coolest photog Mommy (Jenny Reichman) around these parts. Thanks for letting me snap some photos to add to your memories.

Connor and Regan


I am so glad Connor came to see me! He is my little buddy during nursery class. He is finally Super Three! What a ham! His sister was not so happy to visit with me. She loves her mommy so much that visiting with me made her sad. I think she has a perfect pouty face. Her smile is very cute too. Maybe next time?

The Last Baby


Miss Makayla has 6 amazing older siblings. She has two smart and loving parents. She will be well-loved throughout her life. Little Miss proved her parents wrong...they told me she was sort of fussy. After warming her up she slept and slept, giving little smiles here and there. What an angel. Merry Christmas!

What a Sweet Little Fellow


This sweet little boy was the best little sleeper ever. He was so happy to be warm and snuggly. I am so glad his mommy called me last minute! These little babies are the best ever.

9 Months Old


What a treat to visit with Miss Brylee. She just turned 9 months old. Boy is she a sweet little baby girl!