Sunday, July 29, 2012

Senior! Class of 2013 Continued

Later the same day Miss J-lo and I had some more fun out in the country!!! She endured the bugs quite well. My little princess had a blast trying to help Miss J smile.

Senior! Class of 2013

This gal is going places after graduation. She has so many talents! Sporty, cute, and a fun flair for drama. Her hair is pretty amazing too. She has quite a lovely collection of Nike sneakers. That was fun coming up with ideas to take photos with the shoes and Miss J-lo.

Train Tracks

Mr A met me at the local train tracks for some play time. He is one BUSY little guy. He loves trains, dogs, sticks, and running around. We did precicely those things in no particular order! I love his little quirky smile.  

Summer Butterflies

What a sweet little Princess. She looked the part in her cute pettiromper. Getting those smiles took quite a bit of coaxing!!