Sunday, June 27, 2010

Llama Assistants

Last week I photographed this stunning family. Geesh, it is impossible to take a BAD photo of stunning people. A dear family we know let me use their old run down homestead as the location. When I arrived their herd of Llamas were grazing the area. One llama is particularly friendly, Kuzko. He came right up and licked my window the steamed up my windshield. I honked the horn to see what would happen. Yep, he was startled. The wipers amused him as well. Finally I had enough fun so got out of the car. Kuzko helped me rifle through the trunk and find my equipement. I guess photography is boring to him so he left. The lovely Mom of this family took our family photos during Christmas as a swap. This school year they hosted a foreign exchange student from Australia! I loved her soft accent. The kiddos held together longer than anticipated so we had some fun times.