Sunday, August 19, 2012

Old Tin Tub


Kindergarten Baby


(props to Kelly Sudduth Photography for taking the above photo...styled by me)

My Miss Firecracker Diva is starting kindergarten this year. We are ever so excited! I am excited for her to learn and grow...she is excited to meet new friends and have a teacher. I had a blast sewing up fun outfits for her first days of school. My craft room is a disaster but Miss A now is dressed to the nines.

What a Family!!!


Meet one of the nicest families around. Mrs C will style your hair, Mr C will help out your troubled teens, and the kids are just plain fun. Miss K is a sassy bit of girl. The dad had her watching out for bears as we took photos. With the help of my duck puppet she cracked a smile or two. 

Miss Country Glam


Photographing Seniors is amazing! I don't have to use bribery to get poses and smiles, just once in a while for kicks. These photos were taken out at the family ranch east of Dalton. Love the area! I brought along my newest gadget...a portable battery for my studio lights. It gives that pop of light to balance a back light photo. Given the wind getting the light to stay put posed a challenge. Congrats to this young lady on her future graduation. 

Country Family