Sunday, November 14, 2010

Close Call

Goodness! These two boys are so adorable. Big brother was so attentive to little brother. The little guy was not so keen about me, even after a pack of smarties he nearly teared up everytime I got near. No real smiles from him...maybe next time. I was excited about my new crocheted flat cap, a vintage car, and an old abandoned lot; vision completion. A couple hours after this photoshoot we received about 4 inches of heavy snow. I was sweating bullets knowing that little kids don't like the cold much. I think this was the shortest photoshoot at 25 minutes. It was cold, getting dark fast, and the baby was not so happy. Short does not equal lack of images! This turned out to be a favorite. My photo loader is acting up so check out their web album for more photos!

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