Friday, February 6, 2009

Lessons in Sharing

So, these two cuties were totally revived when I pulled out a huge lollipop. My little "A" took charge and totally ripped the lolly out of "E's" hand! She at least shared a lick or two with poor little "E". Tears were shed, smiles evident (when a lick was stolen), and some awesome photo opps captured! Loved every moment. You can tell "E" has siblings...she shares!! Mine desperately needs a sibling! Poor thing is spoiled rotten!!


Johnson Family said...

Hey I love all these cute pics! So adorable!!!

Darci said...

How sweet! You are a talented photographer. My little niece and your adorable daughter look so cute.

Taylor's said...

The backdrop beautiful; your subjects priceless, and your hats - I want the pattern to "E"!