Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kisses at the Park

Kisses for Daddy

"A" is asking Daddy for a BMW...he is agreeing and doesn't know it


Anonymous said...

That mouth is absolutely perfect for the monkey! You are so creative! I absolutely love it!

Thanks for the craft adventures; I have yet to take the ear rings off and the bracelet! In fact, Jeff said, "Can you spend more time with Jenni, you become more and more girly every time you two hang out!" He loves it!

And Amelia, what can I say??? She is to die for! Can we watch her again???? Kate was upset when she woke up from her nap and went the door and said, "Mia, Mia!" and I said, "not right now." We had a nice little temper flare right there in front of the storm door for everyone to see!

Anonymous said...

Daddies and daughters are so precious!

Anonymous said...

love the monkey shirt! you're awesome at the appliques. I will have to step up my game when I start back up. haha